Health education should be included in the evaluation of doctors and medical facilities

The Shanghai health authority is the first in China to include the role and involvement of doctors and medical institutions in science education and health promotion in their evaluation system.

Health officials said health education has played an important role in disease prevention and control, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Physicians and medical institutions are encouraged to use innovative methods and new media to promote knowledge and eliminate public fear and misunderstanding.

“Health care and disease prevention have played an increasingly important role in the health industry,” said Zheng Xingdong, president of Shanghai General Hospital.

“Greater awareness can help the public prevent disease and detect it early to achieve a better quality of life and reduce medical costs.”

The hospital’s video of patients with bone tumors has attracted more than a billion views online, dramatically raising public awareness of the disease and spurring government investment and basic research.

“Short videos produced by our doctors on topics such as the Heimlich maneuver, healthy eating for pregnant women, and cancer prevention and control have all received many clicks online with a very positive response from the public,” Zheng said.

“Physicians are no longer just treating illnesses when people are in pain or sick, but are also promoting knowledge to guide the public on how to live better, healthier lives.”

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