Governor Hochul Unveils New Series of “Cannabis Conversations” Public Health Education Campaigns

Governor Kathy Hochul today unveiled a new series of public service ads as part of the “Cannabis Conversations” campaign, New York State’s first information-focused public education initiative. of New Yorkers on the state’s cannabis law. This wave of the campaign digs deeper into the dangers of impaired driving, the risks of youth cannabis use, how to store cannabis safely in your home, and how to respectfully use cannabis in public.

“Today’s new series of public service ads as part of the state’s ‘Cannabis Conversations’ campaign is another important step in our journey towards a safe, inclusive and equitable cannabis industry” , Governor Hochul said. “Part of us building the nation’s strongest cannabis industry is making sure New Yorkers have relevant facts at their fingertips, and we remind all New Yorkers as they Join the 4/20 celebrations today that it’s never safe to drive high, you shouldn’t use cannabis in a disruptive way, and cannabis can damage the growing brain in young people.”

April 20, or 4/20, is widely recognized around the world as an informal cannabis holiday in which cannabis is often openly consumed, historically in protest against criminalization and increasingly in recognition of successful efforts and for a long time to end the prohibition of cannabis and its consequences. disproportionate application. The development of these health and safety messages now reminds New Yorkers to be safe on 4/20 at a time when cannabis awareness is heightened, helping to ensure that New Yorkers are ready. Warning. The “Cannabis Conversations” campaign is broadcast on TV, radio, billboards, public transport and social media.

The first public service advertisement of the public health campaign “Cannabis Conversations” was announced at an event at the City College of New York on Monday, April 4 and introduced New Yorkers to the concepts of who can consume, where to consume, and how to consume safely. The new wave announced today doubles down on these concepts to provide more information and continue the conversation. All public service ads direct viewers and listeners to where they’ll find factual, researched information to inform the conversations they have with family, friends and the young people in their lives.

Advertising images here and videos of the advertisements in English and Spanish are available here.

New York’s cannabis law focuses on public health and is grounded in principles of public safety, social justice, and equitable economic development designed to help repair the damage caused by cannabis prohibition. As part of this public policy shift, the law requires public health education campaigns that educate New Yorkers about the new law and the impact of cannabis use on public health and safety.

Cannabis Control Board Chair Tremaine Wright said: “Before launching our first ads this month, most New Yorkers had received no cannabis education beyond the ‘Just Say No’ narratives of the 1980s. We are already changing hearts and minds around of this plant, and with these new spots, we’re going deeper into how to safely consume cannabis in the Empire State.”

Office of Cannabis Management Executive Director Chris Alexander said: “As the parent of a young child, I know how important it is to store cannabis products safely and keep them out of their reach. And like all New Yorkers, I want our streets are safe. Thanks to the new “Cannabis Conversations” ads we’ll be running across the state, I’ll be able to sleep easier knowing that New Yorkers are being educated about the truths and potential risks of using cannabis. cannabis.”

Sarah Ravenhall MHA, CHES, Executive Director of the New York State Association of Health Officials, said: “The ‘Cannabis Conversations’ campaign is already educating New Yorkers about the health and safety risks of cannabis use and it’s encouraging to see the Governor and the Office of Cannabis Management delve deeper into the use of young people and other issues. Parents and guardians need the tools to discuss the risks of cannabis with the young people in their lives and ‘Cannabis Conversations’ is up to the task. I encourage New Yorkers to join the conversations and visit for the facts.

John Corlett, AAA Northeast Public and Government Affairs Director, said: “New York’s premier public health campaign, ‘Cannabis Conversations’, is helping to ensure New Yorkers know the risks of driving while impaired by cannabis. Dubbing this message before April 20, when so many people join the celebrations and consume is the right thing to do and we hope New Yorkers pay attention because you feel different, your conduct is different and you risk hurting others or yourself as well as others. ‘break the law.”

Mark JF Schroeder, Commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles and Chairman of the Governor’s Highway Safety Committee, said: “Driving while impaired by cannabis is not only irresponsible, it’s against the law and entirely preventable. Our message to cannabis users is simple: Make the right choice when finding a rideshare. Don’t drive high. “

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