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CAPRICORN (December 22-January 21) Today, Capricorns can make a strong comeback and complete all their pending work on time. All in all, you are likely to be in a harmonious phase of your life and today will be no different. You can continue to develop your skills, which can pay rich dividends in your career. Stalled projects could be revived and you can achieve your goals. Avoid any new partnerships, as this is not a good time for existing or new connections. Some Capricorn people may face health issues and it is advisable to get a health check and take all the necessary precautions. Your family will act as a source of strength for you which will keep you in a joyful state of mind. Some students can expect to receive positive news about their move abroad. Admission to a prestigious university is also possible. Now is a good time to plan a vacation to a historical or religious place with your family.

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Effects of Mars Transit on Capricorn The transition from Mars to Aries can be very timely for real estate transactions. Even buying a new vehicle can prove beneficial for Capricorns during transit. Also, compatibility and love between you and your partner are likely to develop during this time. There would also be positive changes in the family environment in transit time. You may find your siblings and family members very supportive.

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Capricorn Finance Today Capricorn natives in business should put their expansion plans on hold. Instead, they should focus on consolidating their business right now. Your diligence will pay off when it comes to investing, which can translate into profits.

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The Capricorn family today Your family is likely to continue to support you and there could be a celebration of a social function at home. The celebration can give some a chance to renew their long-lost bonds and rediscover family ties.

Capricorn career today Working Capricorn professionals can perform well at work and gain benefits. There are strong indications of receiving support and getting a promotion. Pay raise is also a possibility. Those looking for a job can start to see positive results.

Capricorn health today Your health may need attention today. If you’ve been on medication, be sure to maintain discipline and not skip your medication. Pay close attention to your bad eating habits this month, otherwise you could suffer from some major digestive disorders.

Capricorn loves life today This day can be a bit turbulent as there may be temper and ego issues between you and your partner. Thus, it is advisable to settle all your questions amicably. Married couples can find things difficult because a lack of mutual understanding can trigger further arguments.

Lucky number: 11

Lucky color: Lavender

By: Manisha Koushik, Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma

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