Bridgerton star Ruby Barker in hospital with mental health issues: ‘I struggled’

Bridgerton Star Ruby Barker Addresses Hospital Mental Health

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Bridgerton star Ruby Barker shared that she was spending time in the hospital to treat herself Mental Health struggles.

The actor is best known for his role as Marina Thompson in both seasons of netflixRomantic period drama series.

On Thursday (May 26), she posted a nearly six-minute video explaining to fans that she had been admitted to hospital to focus on recovering her sanity.

In her caption, she said Mental Health Week was “every week” for her and she’s been struggling ever since. Bridgerton started in 2020.

“I’m better. I’ve been very sick for a very long time,” the actor told the camera.

“I just want to be honest with everyone – I struggled. I’m in hospital at the moment, I’m going to be discharged soon and I hope I can get on with my life.

Barker went on to explain that upon her release she would take a break before returning to work and sent a message to those watching who might feel the same way.

She said: “I want to encourage others: if you’re having trouble, do yourself a favor and take a break. Stop being so hard on yourself.

“It’s crazy here! And sometimes you just have to pause and say, “I can’t do this right now, I need support.”

Ruby Barker shares a video from the hospital (Instagram / Ruby Barker)

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Ruby Barker shares a video from the hospital (Instagram / Ruby Barker)

Later in the video, the actress shared that before confronting her own mental health issues, she didn’t really pay attention to the subject. She explained that she was “filled with rage, frustrated, angry”, before referring to a family trauma that had been transmitted from generation to generation: “All this intergenerational trauma gathered in me”.

On top of that, she reassured her audience that going to the hospital was a positive move that helped her reach a better place.

“I haven’t hit rock bottom; I am on new heights,” she explained. “We really need to change the dialogue and think about our linguistics when we’re actually talking about mental health.”

Fans were quick to support Barker’s transparency with what she was going through, with many comments praising her courage and strength.

“You are such a beautiful soul!” a fan replied. “Thank you for being open to sharing. Your message helps so many people in need to hear this.

If you experience feelings of distress and isolation, or find it difficult to cope, the Samaritans offer support; you can talk to someone for free over the phone, confidentially, on 116 123 (UK and ROI), email or visit the Samaritans website to find contact details for the nearest branch.

If you are based in the United States and you or someone you know needs mental health assistance right now, call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800- 273-TALK (8255). The Helpline is a free and confidential support line available to everyone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you are in another country, you can go to to find a helpline near you.

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