A men’s mental health education and training group will organize new programs in the city of Kildare

A group has focused on education and training in men’s mental health to organize new programs in the city of Kildare next month.

According to its website, HEADSUP aims to “help men who find life stressful, struggle with unemployment, feel isolated or lonely, and want to learn ways to improve their well-being.”

Members of the organization encourage participants to make positive changes in their lives and build resilience, and offer support to access local services and supports.

HEADSUP said that since the Covid restrictions it has had to adapt its programs and has therefore moved to a combination of online program delivery and telephone support.

A statement from the band read: “However, we are delighted to announce that our next program will take place, face-to-face, in Kildare Town, in September 2022.”

The main program will take place over three sessions per week for 12 weeks

In addition, the mini program will take place over one session per week for four weeks.

One-on-one phone support will also be available for all men who sign up.

Contact Deirdre 085 106 8305 or Lorna 085 842 1347 for more information.

A sponsorship form for programs with HEADSUP is also accessible and downloadable by clicking on here.


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