Solutions to Sexual Health Problems

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Butterfly Holistic Center offers solutions to sexual health issues. For more information contact (480) 599-8370, or go to

Dr. Melanie started the Butterfly Holistic Center out of a desire to be healthy for her son, having lost his mother to childhood cancer. Her father was always a bit of a health freak and guided her towards naturopathic medicine, having already trained in traditional medicine as a respiratory therapist.

She came across regenerative medicine by chance and marveled at its healing ability, which led to many other seminars and mentors that produce the wide variety of services offered at the Butterfly Holistic Center. Melanie’s pure love for learning and healing continues to fuel the center’s continuous improvement to provide her community with the very best in holistic and regenerative medicine.

One of the main goals of the Butterfly Holistic Center is the feeling of it, the connection and the community is really important. Create a safe, friendly, welcoming and relaxing space where people can come to do their healing or aesthetic work.

We offer community events that introduce people to different healing practices and create more community.

We are very happy to help people recover from current medical conditions or simply to be in their best optimal health and provide preventive health care.

We have excellent regenerative pain injections ranging from ozone to platelet rich plasma to exosomes

Often combined with German homeopathic products, ozone IVs and peptides to facilitate the best effects. We love treating pain symptoms because the improvement in the client’s quality of life is so huge and it’s so wonderful to see.

We offer a wonderful regenerative IV suite that has everything from anti-inflammatory IVs, immune IVs, IVs that help your mitochondria work better, IVs to help balance your stress. It’s a fun, relaxing and sometimes social environment.

We are very excited to be able to introduce holistic mental health treatments that include Ketamine Therapy, Neurofeedback, Gut Healing, Naturopathic Medicine, and Mind/Body Medicine. We find this holistic approach to deliver better results with its multi-faceted approach.

We like to do aesthetics. We offer conventional aesthetics such as neurotoxins and fillers, but our primary focus is regenerative aesthetics. Aesthetic that helps you rebuild collagen and improve your skin. A truly anti-aging aesthetic and we focus on a natural, refreshed look.

Another sub-specialty of the center is sexual regeneration for men and women. Not only does it improve confidence and quality of life, but it improves relationships and sexual pleasure. We strongly believe that you shouldn’t just accept negative changes in your body and function as side effects of “aging”. No matter your age, after coming to Butterfly Holistic, you will find pure connection with your partner and self-confidence.

We are very happy to bring these effective regenerative holistic treatments to the community with minimal downtime and we love building positive relationships with all of our clients and building community. Our goal is to be there to provide our community with a holistic approach to whatever they are going through right now. To help them heal their bodies with a safe and effective approach without further damaging other organs as sometimes seen in traditional medicine.

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