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Potential Contamination of Health Products Manufactured by Eco-Med Pharmaceuticals Inc. May Present Health Risks to Canadians

OTTAWA, ON, 25 August 2021 / CNW / –

Product: All health products manufactured by Eco-Med Pharmaceuticals Inc. This includes ultrasound gels, transmission and massage lotions as well as first aid hand sanitizers and antiseptics.
Problem: Products manufactured by Eco-Med Pharmaceuticals Inc. may be contaminated, which may pose a risk to the health of Canadians. Health Canada suspended the company’s licenses to manufacture and sell health products due to potential safety concerns.
What to do: If you have purchased any health products manufactured by Eco-Med Pharmaceuticals Inc., stop using them immediately and throw them away. Consult a healthcare practitioner if you have used any of these products and have any health concerns.

Health Canada, as a precaution, advises Canadians to stop using and discard all products manufactured by Eco-Med Pharmaceuticals (ultrasound gels, transmission and massage lotions, hand sanitizers and first aid antiseptics) due to potential bacterial contamination by Burkholderia stabilized (B. stabilizes).

Health Canada previously communicated the voluntary recall of the manufacturer of certain batches of ultrasonic gels following this contamination. The Department is now expanding the list of affected products to include all of the company’s products, as the source of the bacterial contamination is unknown and cannot be determined at this time. In addition, the Ministry is not able to determine if there are other potential risks or other bacterial contaminations, because Eco-Med has ceased all activities of the company.

B. stabilizes is a member of a group of bacterial organisms called Burkholderia cepacia complex (Bcc) potentially very virulent and multidrug-resistant. The effects of Bcc vary widely, from no symptoms to severe infections. Bcc infections of the blood can lead to sepsis and death in some cases.

Patients – especially those with weakened immune systems – with an unusual or persistent infection on the skin or in the general area where the product was applied, or who do not feel well (for example, have a fever and / or feel tired), should seek immediate medical attention.

Product list:

Medical devices: massage lotions and ultrasound lotions

EcoGel 100

EcoGel 200

EcoGel 300

EcoLotion transmission and massage lotion

Medelco Multipurpose Ultrasound Gel

Red ultrasound medical gel

Natural health products: hand sanitizers and first aid antiseptic

Prevent + (NPN 80097875)

Prevent + Foam Disinfectant (NPN 80102490)

Prevent + rubbing alcohol; Rubbing alcohol 70%; (NPN 80103917)

First Aid Antiseptic: Prevent + Hydrogen Peroxide 3% USP; Hydrogen Peroxide 3% USP;

(NPN 80107321)

Action taken by Health Canada

Health Canada suspended the company Medical device establishment license, COVID-SL (Natural Health Products Site License) and Natural Health Product Licenses to ensure the facility no longer manufactures or sells health products based on potential health and safety risks Canadians.

Health Canada will continue to monitor the situation and take appropriate and timely action if new information becomes available. Health Canada will also communicate any new safety information to healthcare professionals and consumers.

Consumers are invited to:

  • If you have purchased any of the health products listed above, stop using them and dispose of them appropriately:
    • Follow municipal or regional guidelines on how to dispose of chemicals and other hazardous wastes; Where
    • Return the product to your local pharmacy for proper disposal.
  • If you have had any procedures in which the gel was applied or introduced into the body and you do not feel well (for example, fever and / or feeling tired) after an ultrasound, see a doctor immediately. .
  • Since Eco-Med Pharmaceuticals Inc. has ceased operations, you should report any side effects of these health products directly to Health Canada.

Healthcare professionals are invited to:

  • Stop using immediately and discard all listed products (see above).
  • Consider evaluating patients who have recently had an ultrasound or other treatment using the affected gels or lotions, and who have an unusual or persistent infection, or who are unwell, for potential infection with Burkholderia stabilized Or other bacteria.
  • Since Eco-Med Pharmaceuticals Inc. has ceased operations, you should report any side effects of these health products directly to Health Canada.

SOURCE Health Canada

For further information: Media inquiries: Health Canada, (613) 957-2983, [email protected]; Public inquiries: (613) 957-2991, 1-866 225-0709, [email protected]

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