‘Improving health, education, completing pending works are my priorities’: The Tribune India

Sanjiv Kumar Bakchi

Hoshiarpur, March 22

After regaining his seat as the incumbent MP for Chabbewal by a margin of 7,646 votes in the reserved constituency of Chabbewal, the second MP, Dr Raj Kumar, who is the only Congress MP in the district, decided to give the priority to improving the health and education sectors in the constituency, complete the ongoing construction works of about 50 roads and three stadiums in his constituency. Also, although being in the opposition, he will try to offer civic facilities to the inhabitants of this rural constituency in the same way as the cities. He wants a sub-tehsil to be established in Chabbewal so that people don’t have to go far for their routine jobs related to revenue service.

Dr. Raj Kumar, 52 years old

  • Party: Congress
  • Constituency: Chabbewal
  • Votes received: 47,375
  • Voting margin: 7,646
  • Percentage of votes: 41.02
  • Defeated: Harminder Singh Sandhu, AAP


Dr. Raj Kumar says he has worked for the upliftment of his constituency for the past five years. Now he will focus on improving health and education infrastructure in the region, in addition to completing 50 roads and three stadiums, which he promised during his last term as MP.

Dr Raj said in his last term that he was focusing on improving basic infrastructure in the constituency which has no towns or municipalities. The roads were in poor condition and efforts were made to have most of the roads rebuilt. “During the last months of my previous mandate, about 50 roads were under construction and their work was suspended due to the imposition of the model code of conduct. I will give the highest priority to have them completed as soon as possible. These include three vital roads in the region, Attowal to Panchhta via Pandori Bibi and Bhungarni, Kharoudi to Pandori Gang Singh and the road parallel to the Kot Fatuhi canal to Mehtiana,” Dr. Raj said.

He said four rural sports stadiums had been promised by him but only one in Patti village had been completed while the construction of three others in Kaharpur, Khanni and Kangar was underway.

“Improving education in the region is one of the main priorities and for this, every effort will be made. The construction of the college has been completed in Chabbewal and this will be my very first initiative to make it functional during the next session. Improving schools will be another priority area,” said Dr Raj, adding that he himself had been a student in public schools and therefore knew very well what the requirements would be.

Improving the health infrastructure in his constituency is also one of his priorities. He said, “I would try to provide health facilities to the people of the region 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Provide more equipment to rural dispensaries and ensure the availability of doctors and paramedics needed on a daily basis. , in addition to all the essential medicines, will be my priority. For this, I will continue to knock on the door of the Punjab government besides making my personal efforts.

He has said that he wants BPL Farmer, Laborer and Family Loans to be completely phased out and to that end he will make his voice heard in the House and on different government platforms.

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