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Health and education officials respond to possible approval of Pfizer vaccine for children ages 5-11

FAYETTEVILLE, West Virginia (WVVA) – Pfizer is working on FDA approval of the COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 5 to 11.

Fayette County health official Dr Anita Stewart said they are awaiting FDA approval for Pfizer’s vaccine in children aged five to 11 by the end of October.

She added that vaccination among young people is also the key to stopping the spread of the virus.

“By vaccinating the five to 11 year olds, who among the 0 to 17 year olds this age group had the highest numbers, it would help reduce infections in this age group and the potential hospitalization of children.” , said Dr Stewart.

Gary Hough, the superintendent of schools for Fayette County, said a vaccine would not be mandatory for students in the county. However, they will collaborate with public health leaders to make them easily accessible.

“They have always been very good at providing this opportunity to get vaccinated directly at the school level, so often our students, with the proper permission of their parents, will be able to get them during the school day,” Hough said.

Hough adds that the vaccinations help keep their school year more normal.

“Anytime we’ve had uh, students vaccinated and they have no symptoms, they don’t have to be quarantined and it really makes a big difference to be able to keep them in school and continue to function in. the educational environment, ”says Hough.

Stewart said getting students vaccinated is important; it encourages vaccination in all age groups.

“I think it’s just important to remember that our goal is to get people who haven’t been vaccinated and that’s still very important and that’s what’s going to get us out of this,” said Dr. Stewart.

She said there are still opportunities to get vaccinated in Fayette County for eligible age groups.

Just head to the vaccine research site to learn more.

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