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CCI will have mental health psychologists and teams to deal with a potential ‘bubble violation’

The ICC will have psychologists on board to advise players on mental health issues while they stay in a bio-secure environment for the upcoming T20 World Cup in Oman and the United Arab Emirates, senior official Alex Marshall said on Thursday. .

Marshall, head of ICC’s integrity unit and also responsible for overseeing a rock-solid bio-secure environment, said respective team leaderships should deal with potential “bio-bubble violations”, while advising to strictly follow the rules during the centerpiece. which begins on October 17th.

“Some people, we have to accept that their mental health is affected in a controlled environment. The ICC will make available 24 hours a day a psychologist to speak to anyone who asks for help,” Marshall said during interaction with virtual media.

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“We also provide a lot of resources for people to resolve the issue and within their own team and squads, they bring their own medical staff, have their own systems in place to take care of the players.

“… but from an ICC point of view they have a lot of resources, very good resources and used in other sports, which have been proven to work as professional 24/7 support. for someone looking for it. “

He said the ICC recognizes the face that some players have seen too many bubbles and can feel the pressure.

“There are a number of things that we do, making materials available and offering psychological support,” he said.

Marshall said he expects all teams to be accountable and not break the sanctity of the bio-bubble, but if such an incident does occur, team leadership will need to act to ensure that everyone adhere to the rules.

“If people stick to the rules and maintain discipline, we should have no problem. We would expect the leadership of any team, if they find that a person is breaking the rules. , take this very seriously. We don’t think there will be any violations, “he said.

However, he hinted that the ICC would not have a say in whether a possible bubble burst can result in an ejection or not, as that has been left to the teams.

“If there is a breach, it’s up to the management of this particular team to take it seriously. That’s all I can go for at the moment.”

The ICC will allow the immediate family (wife, children and partner) of the players to be with them in the protected environment so that they remain in a happy space.

“Close families can be an important factor in reducing stress and making it a pleasant environment for players. We have allowed a small number of close families, family members have to go through a phase of isolation and make sure that they are negative, they must remain managed environment ”, he explained.

For players, they can move around as long as they stay in a managed environment. There would be recreational activities including a demarcated area for golfing and also city tours if they wish to take advantage.

With a bio-bubble in place, players won’t be able to mingle with fans.

“No selfie with the fans,” Marshall joked.

For all teams entering the UAE there will be six days of quarantine after which they will enter the managed environment.

“We also expect that a few positive cases will emerge and there will be 10 days of isolation for the particular individual. Anyone considered to be in close contact with the person and who has been around the Covid-positive individual for more than 15 minutes without a mask will isolate for six days.

However, Marshall did not give a clear answer when asked what happens if a player from a particular team is found positive on match day and the opposing team refuses to take the field.

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