Addressing Mental Health Issues: Identifying Depression

Despite advances in discussing and responding to mental health issues such as depression, there is still a great deal of stigma that contributes to many suffering in silence.

Often when people successfully commit suicide there may be statements that they should have reached out, but depression can make it very difficult for someone to seek help, especially if they are in state of crisis.

Although depression has no face, below are some of the common things that are often associated with it that can often be overlooked.

The strong friend

Many people who suffer from depression can often be called strong friends or those who can always be reached when others need support.

Because of the role they play, people may not believe that they themselves need support, or they may take it at face value when the person lets them know that everything is fine.

Being a supportive friend or relative can often go a long way in making people feel comfortable enough to share their challenges so they can ultimately get the help they need.

Depression is often hidden under a smile

Often when people commit suicide, we are treated to stories of how they were always happy or wore a smile, as depression is often described as something that makes one feel lethargic and gloomy.

Both things, however, can be true about how depression affects people and the different ways it manifests.

Due to the internal struggles they themselves might experience, many people will choose to be the “class clown” or the person who is always up for a little fun, often, however, it can serve as a distraction. while they are unable to get the support and resources they need.

It is often called high-level depression

Many would say that high-level depression doesn’t exist, and in a sense, they would be right. People classified as suffering from high-functioning depression are often presented as those who “successfully” manage their depression through work and other activities.

Much like how substances can be used to numb and escape the effects of depression, it can also work, and it’s often in response to a capitalist environment where people learn that their worth is tied to their level of productivity. .

People, regardless of their level of depression, need care and support. Mental health issues can be difficult to deal with, but having support can often make a big difference.

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