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Ruchika M Khanna

Chandigarh, March 14

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is preparing for a rapid implementation of its guarantees in Punjab. Knowing that expectations are high from the party after a massive mandate received from the people, senior party officials reportedly sprang into action to prepare a framework for overhauling health and education infrastructure and ensuring 300 units of free electricity to all.

Free units likely to be offered first

  • AAP government plans to offer 300 units of free electricity in tariff order starting April 1
  • This is the first of the promises of the poll, made by Arvind Kejriwal, likely to be implemented
  • Data is collected on the number of electricity consumers in each category and the total subsidy bill

Sources within the party told The Tribune that the government’s main focus now is on ensuring a smooth swearing-in ceremony, senior party brass are already in action to “develop guidelines” for education and health policies, while deciding on immediate implementation. of 300 units of free energy in the electricity tariff order from 1 April.

This is the first of the guarantees given by the national manager of the PAA, Arvind Kejriwal, likely to be implemented.

Data is already collected on the total number of consumers in each category, the total electricity subsidy bill

from the government and unpaid subsidy. The state has 1 crore of electricity consumers, including 73 lakh of domestic consumers, 14 lakh of agricultural consumers (who enjoy free power supply), 11.50 lakh of commercial consumers and 1.50 lakh of industrial consumers . The annual government electricity subsidy bill is Rs 10,000 crore, of which Rs 7,180 crore is as electricity subsidy to farmers only.

We learn that senior party officials also examine the state of finances. Luckily for the AAP, the Treasury did not end up with pending bills worth thousands of crores like the Akali-BJP government did when it left office in 2017.

Additional Chief Finance Secretary KAP Sinha told The Tribune they were comfortably placed to navigate the finances. “There are no unpaid bills pending,” he said.

Sources say the new government plans to raise revenue through excise duties and sand mining. The excise policy, which is to be implemented from April 1, is set to see a drastic overhaul in the fight against evasion, especially by distilleries. The government wants to double excise revenue this year, and we learn that various plans are being drawn up.

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